Some Types of Essay

Poetic  Essay

The poetic essay expresses the sensitivity of its author, using mostly literary language. It is usually original, intense, with expressive language and could be classified as beautiful. Like poetry, it is more than words or well-written sentences. The author generates a sensitive connection with the reader. He expresses his opinions and even his feelings, words are not words, feelings are transferred to paper. It is so subjective, because like poetry, it is not in the paper but in the soul of who writes it and in the heart of who reads it. The literary forms are fundamental, it is loaded with antitheses and epithets that carry the imagination of the reader or cause grace by the way of expressing the ideas.

Expositive essay

As its name implies, the purpose of an expository essay is to expose or inform. The expository tests transmit information, they present a series of facts, data or points of view. This type of essay predominates the exposition and / or explanation of the position that the author has on the subject, from a critical perspective, but with opinions based on facts or common sense and with conclusions logically extracted from the approach and criticism .

Critical Essay

This is the type of essay that seems to be simpler, but on the contrary, is in my opinion the most difficult. This, because being able to make a sustained criticism without supports beyond the ability to spin ideas logically and to support them with common sense, to arrive at conclusions that seem obvious after reading the essay, requires not only the good management of the Language but of the deep knowledge of the subject matter.

A good essay of this type shows the capacity and deep understanding of a problem or concept and the ability of the author to break it down and present it in a simple way to its public, to pass to make critics and / or pose positions in front of it.

This is the type of rehearsal that would be expected of journalists but reality shows us that few have that capacity, because they stay in the narrative of facts. The author reflects, through his writing, the impressions and reflections on the subject and contrasts it with his reflections on life. It shows a great personal position and therefore subjective, because it is in last a particular vision of the writer.

Argumentative essay

To refer to this type of essay, it is necessary to remember the concept of literature. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language – RAE, it is art that uses as a means of expression a language or the set of literary productions of a nation, an era or a genre, or works that deal with An art or a science. Similarly, the RAE defines it from another perspective as the set of knowledge or the treaty in which this knowledge is exposed. Under this logic, the essay is a form of expression through which ideas or knowledge are expressed on a theme, region, situation or culture and therefore must be adapted to the different disciplines and from its foundations defend its gender. Given its complexity, it does not have a single definition.

The argumentative essay is based on citations, from previous readings of works that support the argument, but also presents positions or facts obtained through the observation of social situations, of the usual in society, of customs and treatment between people and The author’s life experience with the subject. The literary essay can be defined from ideas and therefore implies its scope of action in all different professions and / or sciences and epistemological positions, but regardless of these, they are dynamically and freely conjugated in the consecutive Of the objective pursued in the trial. It is here that the definition of the RAE for essay is better configured: the essay is a writing in which an author develops his ideas without having to show the scholarly apparatus. This means that it is not necessary to be educated in various sciences, arts and other subjects or to know in full the documents related to a science or art, but to make an approach to one or several approaches and once chosen to show understanding and management of the same .

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