Example of Comparison and Contrast Paragraph

In a paragraph of comparison and contrast, the similarities and differences between two ideas, characters, or situations, to name a few, are revealed.

In this type of paragraph you can compare




Situations etc.

Basically there are no limitations, only that it should be done in a paragraph

In the paragraph of comparison and contrast it is possible to understand the main idea, precisely because comparisons delimit the similarities or discordance that may have, which makes it possible to separate existing ideas or unite similarities.

Comparison and comparison paragraph examples:

1.- The beaches

Acapulco and Cancun are two Mexican beach destinations that are paradisaical and attract millions of tourists both national and foreign, due to the beauty of its beaches and its tourist attractions, however both places are very different, since Cancun Is located in the Caribbean Sea and Acapulco in the Pacific. The color of the sea of Cancun is turquoise blue and its beaches have a white sand that looks like talcum, while the sea water in Acapulco is dark blue and its sand is thicker and brown. The nightlife in Acapulco is one of the best attractions it has, since its bars and nightclubs guarantee a lot of fun, although in Cancun you can find many natural parks that have privileged landscapes and also guarantee a lot of fun. Usually traveling to Cancun is much more expensive than doing it to Acapulco and both places are a very good option for a vacation.

2.- Clothing

Clothing changes much from one region to another and from one season to the next, because regardless of fashion, the climatic situation affects the dress style; So it is necessary to wear linen or light clothing when it is a hot season, shirts should be light and thin even if they remain formal, but in winter clothes must be thicker and warm, which gives us more margin Changes. The colors in general are usually similar, but in summer light colors are accepted more easily, both to reflect the light and the freshness of the impression, but in cold times the clothes are usually black or gray, although currently accepted The clothes of festive colors of occasion.

3.- The skin

The skin is the surface layer that covers us all and the color and thickness changes according to race and region, because in cold areas the skin is usually quieter, both because it is covered and for genetic reasons instead in the tropics The skin becomes darker, but when a white-skinned person tans for a long time their skin becomes darker, just as a person with dark skin often reduces their color when away from the sun for a long time.

4.- Romance languages

The Spanish language is a Romance language and although it is very similar to other languages like Italian, Portuguese and French, there are always quite sensible changes, but this does not detract from the fact that at a given moment its similarity allows one to understand each other, especially in Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, as they come to have the same words with similar or identical pronunciation.

5 .- The Housing

There are types of housing, which can be small medium or large, all can count on their services, but the space and conformation changes a lot. There are huge and very luxurious houses, which occupy a lot of land but it is also difficult to keep them clean, usually they need servitude, instead a small apartment is nice and easy to clean, but as a disadvantage can have the proximity of neighbors. Each one is built in a different way, because the departments can be part of a building in which the houses occupy a single land for a single construction.

6.- The computers

In the market there is a vast amount of computing devices, but it is clear that not all have the same functions and benefits, because while some computers are only for school work, you have to differentiate them from the work computers and Games, Of Games, are adapted to process many graphics and usually have a very fast ventilation, while the work are able to process large amounts of data in a very short time and finally personal computers are cheaper because they have very basic functions.

7.- Telephones

The variety of cell phones is very high, and apparently there is a phone suitable for each person, more now that they are smart phones. We can differentiate them by price, and mainly by its characteristics, because a person who needs a telephone to communicate will not require as many devices as bluetooth, wifi or platforms like android, but a technician or lawyer who transmits data and may require conferences will opt for A very advanced phone, while the children’s phones are able to work with games and amusements that require fewer resources; All this is reflected in the price of the final product and the corresponding range.


8.- Sports

Studying martial arts is very exciting, but there is a lot of difference between karate and judo, because in what one focuses on impacts and displacements the other works on projections and keys.

9.- Friends

It is difficult to compare friends, as some are very funny and play with us, others are very responsible and help us when problems overwhelm us.

10.- Novels

Choosing a novel to read is a very difficult thing, because there are historical novels, which among their fiction have immersed the real story, as happened with the children of Sanchez and the fantastic novels, that have no relation with the real life, but can Much excitement, such as Jarry Potter’s novel



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