Essay on horror movie

Today is celebrated the most terrifying night of the year, in which the dead, undead, witches and other terrifying beings live with the living. Play scary movies and listen to scary stories. If you’re the one who prefers to tell them, you might find this magical and sinister Halloween night inspired to write your own horror movie. If so, here are some tips (not too academic) to be a resounding success (if not, you may find among all the examples some title to see tonight).
The horror film emerges as a reflection of society’s own fears. Hence beings like monstrous creatures, vampires, zombies, spirits or aliens have plagued the genre, reflecting the fear of the unknown or as a metaphor for other concerns. So the genre has been changing and evolving with us, so we can find that what was previously scary, can now provoke laughter. In the 60’s, Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960) told us that evil could be in any person, and this type of character has continued to function until today. From the everyday and make the viewer think that the protagonist who suffers all the evils can be himself, always gives good results. So, if you decide on this option, and looking at some examples of our cinema, the focus of fear may well be the greed of a community of neighbors as in the Community (Alex de la Silesia, 2000), a very sect Change as in Los Sin Number (Jaime Beleaguer, 1999) or enjoy the unhappiness of others, such as While You Sleep (Jaime Beleaguer, 2011). Still, if your choice is in a review of the classics of the genre, such as vampires or evil aliens, you can find in titles like Let me in (Tomas Alfred son, 2008) or Under the Skin (Jonathan Glaser, 2013) a good review of these Themes.

On the shelves of horror you will find the classics of the genre, which have also given classics in the cinema. From the classics like Frankenstein (Mary Shelley, 1818) or Dracula (Bram Stoker, 1897), one of the most adapted from his first appearance in the cinema with Nosferatu (FW Mugging, 1922), to the horror stories of Edgar Allan Poe , Of which have appeared films like The fall of the house Usher (Jean Epstein, 1928) or the mask of the red death (Roger Colman, 1964). In any case, you can always try your luck with Stephen King, who has given a number of hits to the movies with Carrie (Brian De Palms, 1976), The Blaze (Stanley Kubrick, 1980), The Dead Zone (David Crone berg, 1983) Or Misery (Rob Reine, 1990) and surely among some of his more than sixty novels there are some that have not adapted.

If you choose the option of evil in a person and you want to approach the younger and nostalgic audience, your protagonist must be a murderer who likes gore and Nightmare-style revenge on Elm Street (Screw 1984), Scream Wes Craven, 1996), The Texas Massacre (Tube Hooper, 1974) or Friday the 13th (Sean S. Cunningham, 1980). In this case, it is essential to provide them with a mask and something sharp (note that with this option you may shoot the budget for the amount of blood needed). If you opt for the thriller, suspense and mystery line, more focused on the psychology of the characters, your protagonist is a Norman Bates psychotic psychopath (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960), Annie Wilkes in Misery (Rob Reine, 1990 ), Jack Torrance in The Blaze (Stanley Kubrick, 1980 Hannibal Lectern in The Silence of the Lambs (Jonathan Dame, 1991) or Bruno in Strangers on a Train (Alfred Hitchcock, 1951) One of those people his neighbors define as kind And he always said hello.
P.S. When the time comes, choose the actors well. Paris Hilton in The House of Wax (Jaime Colet-Serra, 2005) is not a good example neither of horror film nor of appropriate actress, but of how a horror movie can end up being a comedy (without your intention) . If your goal is to make a parody, your referral is more Scream Queens (Ryan Murphy, 2015).


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