Argumentative essay example

Example of an argumentative essay with a contrary opinion

In the following example of brief argumentative essay we will see an author with an opinion contrary to the previous one, defending his point of view.

“In this essay I want to defend the idea that neither MTV nor any other channel is a bad influence for any person and that all programming fulfills a mission. Not for nothing MTV is one of the channels most seen by young people.

For starters, MTV is not a cultural channel, but entertainment. And that’s what he does with his crazy and crazy programs: fun. In no case it tries to be a reflection of the society or of the youth of any country, but rather offers spaces that allow the youth to disconnect from their day-to-day daily life and from the responsibilities that their studies and work assume.

Years ago, our parents and grandparents laughed at the adventures and misadventures of Laurel and Hardy “The Fat and the Skinny,” who also had a humor based on punches and absurd situations. More recently series such as “Falcon Crest” began the soap operas based on intrigues and betrays seasoned with large doses of sex more or less explicit according to the different times.

Nowadays the themes are the same, although the format has changed and I do not think our parents have committed themselves to compulsively hurting each other or behaving like the evil Angela Chancing or the famous J.R of Dallas. In the same way today’s youngsters take MTV shows as mere entertainment and not as examples to follow or imitate.

There will always be a small percentage willing to imitate the worst, people who have a problem and reflect it in a movie or play. Just as he was accused at the time of “The Mechanical Orange” of being responsible for certain actions of disturbed who were inspired by it or Charles Manson said to have inspired “Heater Shelter” for his crimes, if we take things to the extreme: Do we forbid The Beatles for being dangerous? Do we ask the young people not to listen to them?

It would be just as absurd to ask our young people not to watch MTV, since the vast majority have enough common sense to see it as it is, mere entertainment with no more consequences or problems “

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