Some Types of Essay

Poetic  Essay

The poetic essay expresses the sensitivity of its author, using mostly literary language. It is usually original, intense, with expressive language and could be classified as beautiful. Like poetry, it is more than words or well-written sentences. The author generates a sensitive connection with the reader. He expresses his opinions and even his feelings, words are not words, feelings are transferred to paper. It is so subjective, because like poetry, it is not in the paper but in the soul of who writes it and in the heart of who reads it. The literary forms are fundamental, it is loaded with antitheses and epithets that carry the imagination of the reader or cause grace by the way of expressing the ideas.

Expositive essay

As its name implies, the purpose of an expository essay is to expose or inform. The expository tests transmit information, they present a series of facts, data or points of view. This type of essay predominates the exposition and / or explanation of the position that the author has on the subject, from a critical perspective, but with opinions based on facts or common sense and with conclusions logically extracted from the approach and criticism .

Critical Essay

This is the type of essay that seems to be simpler, but on the contrary, is in my opinion the most difficult. This, because being able to make a sustained criticism without supports beyond the ability to spin ideas logically and to support them with common sense, to arrive at conclusions that seem obvious after reading the essay, requires not only the good management of the Language but of the deep knowledge of the subject matter.

A good essay of this type shows the capacity and deep understanding of a problem or concept and the ability of the author to break it down and present it in a simple way to its public, to pass to make critics and / or pose positions in front of it.

This is the type of rehearsal that would be expected of journalists but reality shows us that few have that capacity, because they stay in the narrative of facts. The author reflects, through his writing, the impressions and reflections on the subject and contrasts it with his reflections on life. It shows a great personal position and therefore subjective, because it is in last a particular vision of the writer.

Argumentative essay

To refer to this type of essay, it is necessary to remember the concept of literature. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language – RAE, it is art that uses as a means of expression a language or the set of literary productions of a nation, an era or a genre, or works that deal with An art or a science. Similarly, the RAE defines it from another perspective as the set of knowledge or the treaty in which this knowledge is exposed. Under this logic, the essay is a form of expression through which ideas or knowledge are expressed on a theme, region, situation or culture and therefore must be adapted to the different disciplines and from its foundations defend its gender. Given its complexity, it does not have a single definition.

The argumentative essay is based on citations, from previous readings of works that support the argument, but also presents positions or facts obtained through the observation of social situations, of the usual in society, of customs and treatment between people and The author’s life experience with the subject. The literary essay can be defined from ideas and therefore implies its scope of action in all different professions and / or sciences and epistemological positions, but regardless of these, they are dynamically and freely conjugated in the consecutive Of the objective pursued in the trial. It is here that the definition of the RAE for essay is better configured: the essay is a writing in which an author develops his ideas without having to show the scholarly apparatus. This means that it is not necessary to be educated in various sciences, arts and other subjects or to know in full the documents related to a science or art, but to make an approach to one or several approaches and once chosen to show understanding and management of the same .

Example of Comparison and Contrast Paragraph

In a paragraph of comparison and contrast, the similarities and differences between two ideas, characters, or situations, to name a few, are revealed.

In this type of paragraph you can compare




Situations etc.

Basically there are no limitations, only that it should be done in a paragraph

In the paragraph of comparison and contrast it is possible to understand the main idea, precisely because comparisons delimit the similarities or discordance that may have, which makes it possible to separate existing ideas or unite similarities.

Comparison and comparison paragraph examples:

1.- The beaches

Acapulco and Cancun are two Mexican beach destinations that are paradisaical and attract millions of tourists both national and foreign, due to the beauty of its beaches and its tourist attractions, however both places are very different, since Cancun Is located in the Caribbean Sea and Acapulco in the Pacific. The color of the sea of Cancun is turquoise blue and its beaches have a white sand that looks like talcum, while the sea water in Acapulco is dark blue and its sand is thicker and brown. The nightlife in Acapulco is one of the best attractions it has, since its bars and nightclubs guarantee a lot of fun, although in Cancun you can find many natural parks that have privileged landscapes and also guarantee a lot of fun. Usually traveling to Cancun is much more expensive than doing it to Acapulco and both places are a very good option for a vacation.

2.- Clothing

Clothing changes much from one region to another and from one season to the next, because regardless of fashion, the climatic situation affects the dress style; So it is necessary to wear linen or light clothing when it is a hot season, shirts should be light and thin even if they remain formal, but in winter clothes must be thicker and warm, which gives us more margin Changes. The colors in general are usually similar, but in summer light colors are accepted more easily, both to reflect the light and the freshness of the impression, but in cold times the clothes are usually black or gray, although currently accepted The clothes of festive colors of occasion.

3.- The skin

The skin is the surface layer that covers us all and the color and thickness changes according to race and region, because in cold areas the skin is usually quieter, both because it is covered and for genetic reasons instead in the tropics The skin becomes darker, but when a white-skinned person tans for a long time their skin becomes darker, just as a person with dark skin often reduces their color when away from the sun for a long time.

4.- Romance languages

The Spanish language is a Romance language and although it is very similar to other languages like Italian, Portuguese and French, there are always quite sensible changes, but this does not detract from the fact that at a given moment its similarity allows one to understand each other, especially in Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, as they come to have the same words with similar or identical pronunciation.

5 .- The Housing

There are types of housing, which can be small medium or large, all can count on their services, but the space and conformation changes a lot. There are huge and very luxurious houses, which occupy a lot of land but it is also difficult to keep them clean, usually they need servitude, instead a small apartment is nice and easy to clean, but as a disadvantage can have the proximity of neighbors. Each one is built in a different way, because the departments can be part of a building in which the houses occupy a single land for a single construction.

6.- The computers

In the market there is a vast amount of computing devices, but it is clear that not all have the same functions and benefits, because while some computers are only for school work, you have to differentiate them from the work computers and Games, Of Games, are adapted to process many graphics and usually have a very fast ventilation, while the work are able to process large amounts of data in a very short time and finally personal computers are cheaper because they have very basic functions.

7.- Telephones

The variety of cell phones is very high, and apparently there is a phone suitable for each person, more now that they are smart phones. We can differentiate them by price, and mainly by its characteristics, because a person who needs a telephone to communicate will not require as many devices as bluetooth, wifi or platforms like android, but a technician or lawyer who transmits data and may require conferences will opt for A very advanced phone, while the children’s phones are able to work with games and amusements that require fewer resources; All this is reflected in the price of the final product and the corresponding range.


8.- Sports

Studying martial arts is very exciting, but there is a lot of difference between karate and judo, because in what one focuses on impacts and displacements the other works on projections and keys.

9.- Friends

It is difficult to compare friends, as some are very funny and play with us, others are very responsible and help us when problems overwhelm us.

10.- Novels

Choosing a novel to read is a very difficult thing, because there are historical novels, which among their fiction have immersed the real story, as happened with the children of Sanchez and the fantastic novels, that have no relation with the real life, but can Much excitement, such as Jarry Potter’s novel



Essay About Marketing

Consumers have taken the switch to production, as they are now the true architects of corporate interest, leading to a radical change in the philosophy of marketing.

The reality indicates that the correct way of acting in companies is to transform and adopt the different strategic variables to the current demands of the market, since he has been the one who has actually acquired the right to claim a new way of acting both the company As well as public bodies, in which the consumer is aware of the importance of the consumer, make sure they know him, understand him and thus give him the precise answers to the needs he manifests.

To this end, marketing must be understood as a more global business concept, where all other departments are impregnated with their philosophy and not forget at any time that the true reason of being the company is the complete satisfaction of the client, which leads to the success.

I think that the members of the company should feel totally committed to the organization, they should really put on the shirt and move forward their interests and those of the same company, demonstrating with push and effort that they can achieve their goals and that will go beyond the goals Proposals, a team work is a great complement of this because all are for the same purpose and for the same result which will be optimal because of their great achievements.

It should be aware that the penetration of new technologies in all areas of the business organization is giving marketing an important role as the driver of all business information and main tool to adapt products, processes and sales to the tastes And customer needs.

Within marketing it is important to take into account that it is necessary to plan with a guarantee of success the future of a company, based on the answers offered by the market demands, since we are exposed to continuous changes day by day and the Success and achievement of objectives will largely depend on adaptability and, above all, anticipation of these changes, thus understanding how future changes will affect the company, and then the ability to devise appropriate strategies to take advantage of those changes. Events to the maximum and for the benefit of the organization.

The company must establish its objectives, be clear what is going to be done and where it wants to reach, which is its target market, who are its customers, what is its product or service, in order to establish who is the company and who are the That conform it; Know how to make decisions at the indicated times and that these are productive for the organization taking into account how they can affect or benefit in the future, contemplating unforeseen changes that arise in the environment, in this way to make the most of the internal resources available to them And that they should represent a competitive advantage over competition in the market.

I believe that both the company and its members must be highly competitive on and off campus, in this way you can attest to the products offered in it, so your customers will feel more comfortable and secure with what they acquire And consume, since they are the most indicated to qualify the work and the service that is given them and therefore also the quality of the inputs that the organization offers.


In this way have a high knowledge of the market for which they are working as this will contribute to greater optimum results and better customer satisfaction by fully complying with the needs of them. Once the target market is known, have the strategies to be implemented and put into practice, these according to the possibilities and objectives proposed, then implement and put into action everything proposed, using the tools that allow us to obtain the achievements taking into account and being Alert to our environment, the competition, the distribution channels of our product, the consumers, the prices, the brands, and the corresponding promotions; Subsequently maintaining a proper control of the organization and in one of the aspects that this requires, being attentive and making the necessary adjustments to reach the proposed objectives, this way you will know how the results have been achieved in the company.

An example of the above is MIMOS, is a company that produces and sells ice cream and complementary products, which is based on the service, the treatment with its customers and the quality of its products; Is a company committed to promoting conditions for the personal and professional development of its employees and obtain economic strength. Today MIMOS has more than 80 sales points throughout the Colombian country and franchises in other countries this company took pains to have a permanent commitment, with an excellent service, to be creative and innovative and above all to provide satisfaction to its customers , Thus entering the market with its brand, proposing strategies, taking control of its products, and maintaining a good team.

All of the above has to do with marketing so, as a conclusion, I can only say that with the fulfillment of the objectives in the organization and an excellent team, the company will respond to the needs of customers and consumers; This is why the importance that must be given to customer satisfaction is maximum since, as stated above, the progress of the organization depends on them and that is how clients will receive the treatment they expect, Both in the organization and in the products or services that it provides, likewise take into account all the efforts that are made in an organization which allow to fulfill the purposes of conquering and entering new markets.